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    Unanswered: Third Dimension tables [Solved]

    OK i need a table to record the process of a stock item e.g. booked in, quoted, Ordered, in work and completed. I also need to record the date the change happen, which is all pritty simple and i can do with a simple table. but Now i need it record who did the change with a Signiture. Which i can also do but mean that for Every Stock Item I need a new table. what i was wondering was, is it possable to have like 3 dimension to a table so i can make each row for each item, and each record hold two pieces of data 'the date and Signiture' seperatly.

    Or as i guess there is a better way to aproach this.
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    Quote Originally Posted by linoukus
    Which i can also do but mean that for Every Stock Item I need a new table.

    Do you mean you want a master table with the current records, and an audit table that details all changes including the date of change and the person that changed it?
    OR do you want a single table that records all this information?

    Just to give a short answer - all you need to do is stick in a new "signature" column into whatever table you are using.

    BTW - I hope you are not meeting some sort of heavy duty regulatory requirements - IMHO JET\ Access dataabses are not best suited to this sort of thing without quite some expertise in bespoke security.

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    hmm yes, ill do that.
    God only know what what i was thinking and trying to make it very over complated

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