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    Unanswered: access 97 thru 2007 (not returning all columns, inner join and criteria entered)

    here is my query
    SELECT IIf(Entity_Type=0,Entity_Last,Entity_Last+', '+Entity_First+' '+IIf(Entity_MI<>' ',Entity_MI,' ')) AS Name, Members.*, Entities.*, Types.Type_Short, DiscountTypes.Disc_Short, Members.Member_Expiration, *
    FROM ((Members INNER JOIN Entities ON Members.Member_Entity = Entities.Entity_ID) INNER JOIN Types ON Members.Member_Type = Types.Type_ID) INNER JOIN DiscountTypes ON Members.Member_Discount = DiscountTypes.Disc_ID
    WHERE (((Members.Member_Expiration)>=[:Low_Date] And (Members.Member_Expiration)<=[:Hi_Date]));
    when i take out the where clause ALL of the entity tables columns show with data. when i put it back in the entity tables columns show up but some are empty without data.
    entity columns are
    Entity_ID (populates both queries)
    Entity_type (both)
    Entity_Last (both)
    Entity_First (both)
    Entity_MI (both)
    Entity_address1 (populates without the where clause/empty with where)
    entity_address2 (without)
    entity_address3 (without)
    entity_city (without)
    entity_zip (without)
    entity_crt (without)

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    Never MIND!!!

    Lesson to all you really shouldnt listen to what a customer says.
    it just turns out that when the where clause was implimented then those selected accounts just didnt have all the other information. when i took it out all of the account were showing up. but when i scrolled down to the specific ones then the entity columns were blank.

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