Currently our application is working with MYSQL and we are trying to transition to Oracle. We are trying to run our application on two parallel databases MYSQL and Oracle.

We were porting our application DB from MySQL to Oracle. We successfully created the initial script for Oracle but found out that probably we will be forced to use Data Source Name.

The connection string contain either driver name or data source
name :
connection string = "Data Source=MyOracleDB; [.... options......]";
connection string = "Driver=(Oracle in XEClient); [... options ...]";

The driver name depends on the many factors, for example Oracle DB
server version, etc..
The additional options depends on the driver. Moreover Oracle creates
a number of the different services. And it's not clear which service
should be used for connection. Do you have any suggestions ?

I assume that the same problems can arise for MS SQL too.

So the easiest way i am thinking is - to use existed Data source name for connection to application on the Oracle DB.

This way IT guys should make following steps before application
On the DB side
1. create account which Application will use for connection
2. create Application DB (without tables, only storage)
3. run installer and create DB structure (tables)

On the client side:
1. install appropriated ODBC driver.
2. create DataSource to Application DB and test connection. Admin can set
any specific options there.
3. run the installer and provide DataSource name, user and password.
4. install Application.

Application generated connection string based on the defined Data Source name.

Even the above method seems little cumbersome.Please provide your feedback on the easiest way of connecting to Oracle. I appreciate your help.