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    Unanswered: Mutli-user record selections in Access

    I have the following situation. This is a multi-user application. Table 1 has a list of leases with a primary key of LeaseId (autonumber field). I also have a selected field that is a yes/no field to allow users to keep a list of selected records for performing various funtions on. The problem is that the selections are on the master records and don't indicate which user made the selection. If someone clears a record that was selected by another user, that person may not know it was done.

    My first thought was to create a table to store a list of records selected by individual users. That is a short answer, but does not allow me to indicate to the user that they have selected a certain record. I can only let them apply a filter for them to see what they have selected. The records are being display using a continous form.

    Any thoughts?

    Thanks. Bill.

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    Create a local table to store the LeaseID and Selected (yes/no) fields. Link this to your continuous form's record source with an outer join and use that Selected field on the continuous form.

    I'm not sure if this will work on a continuous subform though.
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