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    Unanswered: Access 2003 - Can you filter database information by USERNAME setup in security

    I am wanting to limit the information the user sees to just their information - is there a way i can filter by the username used to log in to the database?

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    Yes... Do you mean NT username or is this a custom login etc?
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    There's a good example of username and security in the code bank. Easy to use and easy to tweak for your needs. It's well worth looking at and I think it'll do exactly what you want.
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    Gooda Answer but I need to stay within the program on this one

    I like that calling the the users windows password , however this will be on a public computer and I want to pickup on the security ids and password or something like that.

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    Then where, exactly, are you stuck?

    You have a manual login happening yet?

    If so then it should be just a simple matter of having forms open only the data that belongs to the logged in user.
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