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    Unanswered: How to open in Full screen like a real application

    I created this database for a small group of people. I really want the application to open to a certain form in FULL SCREEN. Is it possible to remove DESIGN VIEW editing feature?

    Im using ACCESS 2007

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    On the form load event add a DoCmd.Maximise (seriously the help files are so useful).

    Convert the database to an MDE (remember to keep a backup of the MDB!) and the design view functionality will be gone
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    Check out the form manipulation examples in the code bank. There's many different examples on opening forms in full view (without the caption bar).
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    why do you need to open the application like a real application
    not all real application take over the full screen. windows is meant to be a multi tasking OS, so let your users decide if they want to multi task, and let your users decide if they want to run your app in full screen mode. they can already do that using the maximise button if they want.

    many windows programs including Office allow the user to open the app at whatever size the user prefers (its often stored at teh time the user last closed the app.

    if you are doing this for someone else remember its actually their app not yours

    mind you it does beg the cheap shot, are you concerned that your app isnt't a real app?
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    Hi to all!

    Newbie here!

    I want my app to be full screen too, because it's a touch screen app for workers in a metallurgical workshop. My boss don't want to give the workers much freedom to decide if they want the app maximized or not. He wants them to only see the touch screen program and nothing else. It doesn't even have explorer in the back and the computer don't have keyboard and mouse. Thats why I want that code but nothing else yet. I will post it here if I found it!

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    heh nice resurrect, best to open a new thread when you have a question.

    That said, here's one way you can make it totally full screen (no windows task bar, no nuthin other than your app)

    Form Properties:

    Popup = Yes
    Modal = Yes
    Border = None
    ControlBox = No
    MinMax = Neither
    Close = No

    VBA Form_Open Procedure:


    At this point the program will "take over the world", the user will still be able to Alt-Tab around or hit the Windows key on the keyboard and bypass the program, but short of going to the task manager they will not be able to close it without using your close button. Since you are using touchscreen I'm assuming no keyboard is available to the user, so if they need to get out of the program for any legitimate reason, I would put a button on there that will minimize the app so they can access the desktop.

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