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    Unanswered: Incremental Image Copy Vs Full Image Copy

    I realise the difference as it is pretty straight forward. To start off, you take a full image copy, and there after keep it going with incremental. My question is, could there be a situation where in you have to prefer Full Image Copy to Incremental?

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    Yes, of course: If you restore a backup, you probably want to do that as fast as possible. Restoring incremental backups is slower because you first have to restore the full backup image and then all incremental backups based on that full backup. (Cumulative backups make this even more interesting.)

    So it is a trade-off between backup overhead and restore time: if restore time is of utmost importance, you probably don't want to use incremental backups.

    Another issue is if you change lots of things between backups. If the incremental backup contains pretty much the complete database, you can take a full backup as well and potentially turn of the TRACKMOD switch. Again, it depends on your situation...
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    Makes sense. Thanks much for the reply.


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