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    Unanswered: Importing a date field in Access table( from file)

    Hi ,

    Iam trying to import data from a text file .The data is shown below

    TXPA01|20080601|Account number was not found.|5

    MS Access is not able to import the 2 nd column into field of type datetime.Is there any way to change the format to mm\dd\yyyy to import the data?


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    How are you importing the data?
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    well you could import the data into a temporary table storing the date as a text field then run an insert query reformatting the date as required.

    Im surprised that Access can't handle the ISO date though, I woul dhave expected it to handle that.
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    I got it to work. When you link or import the wizard that appears has the Advanced button on it. When you hit that you will be able to change the format of the dates that Access is looking for. The default is MDY. I changed it to YMD and I removed the / as the date delimiter, then I made sure the date field was being defined as a DateTime field and when I linked it it worked for me. (Access 2002)

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