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    Unanswered: Why REORG in-place truncate phase so long?


    in DB2 V8 fp9, I 'm testing the reoag in-place on a 200 Gb table.
    I make lots of updates in the table in the same time on the table and notice that all updates fail in timeout (-911) during this long TRUNCATE phase.

    Q1: I wonder why the final TUNCATE phase was taking so much time to complete (hours)?

    Q2: How can I make things be better (avoiding timeout and speeding the truncate phase)? increase the TIMEOUT?


    PS: I need to enable the TRUNCATE during the REORG in order to reclaim free space (this is the goal of this reorg)

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    To be more precise:

    The reorg is divided in 2 main phases:

    - 4 hours where applications can update/insert/delete
    - 26 hours in readonly during TRUNCATE phase

    This does not sound like a real "online" reorg....

    Have you experience something similar or is there a real problem with my env.?


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    Which DB2 version on which platform are you using?
    What's the exact REORG command?
    What's the exact SQL911 (or -911) error message you get?
    How did you determine the length of the different phases that you mentioned? (Those are not phases by the REORG command or you use different terms for things.)
    Knut Stolze
    IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator
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    DB2 V8 FP9 on AIX

    db2 reorg table mytable inplace

    The SQL911 is raised through an application and I have no additional info.

    I use the db2pd to see the REORG phase.


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