I'm running Access 2003 on an XP machine, and there are multiple
developers who are working on different "assignments" of our large
database project. We all work on a local copy and export changes made
to various objects. Version controlling is becoming more of an issue,
so we've developed a real basic version control system that tracks
"exports" to the primary DB (which is then version-controlled prior to
distribution to the client--which occurs on an ongoing basis). Note
that the DB is merely a front-end, with SQL-Server 2005 running the

The problem lies within our code that exports the objects as each
developer completes them. The codes uses the transferDatabase method
of DoCmd, but is occasionally corrupting the target DB (objects within
the target DB are becoming corrupt, and Access can't seem to figure
out if they're there or not. This is quite a nuisance, as once the
target DB becomes corrupt, we have to replace with a previous version
and export manually. No data is lost, but it defeats the purpose of
handling the whole operation with a neat interface and VB code.

The following article describes (almost identically) the problem We're
This article is for Access 95, but MSDN has nothing about v2003.

Wondering if anybody else has experience the same problem, and ideally
if there's a known workaround.