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    Unanswered: PHP5 / WAMP / sybase_ct / ASE 15

    i'm trying to get WAMP2 working with the Sybase_CT extension,
    but since library names changed from ASE 12.5 to ASE 15 i can't get it working.
    (added: i'm on PHP 5.2.5)

    the renamed files are:

    libct > libsybct
    libcs > libsybcs

    when i use a dependency walker it says it's missing 3 files:

    php5ts.dll (why, everything else is working perfectly)
    libct.dll (some sybase .dll file)
    libcs.dll (some other sybase .dll file)

    so i've tried copying libsysct and libsyscs and renaming them back to libct.dll and libcs.dll.
    and downloaded php5ts.dll somewhere and put all 3 .dll files in the extension folder. doesn't work
    PHP error is useless, if i try to use sybase_connect it just says:
    error call to undefined function sybase_connect...

    yes, i've searched this forum, no direct hits.
    yes, i've googled.. non-stop for several days with coffee
    results so far: PHP bugpage, heaps of unsolved forum threads, irritation...
    yes, i got my PHP / apache set up right
    yes, WAMP is working well
    yes, my other extensions are working

    thanks whoever can help me!
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    solved. renamed back to libcs/libct.dll and copied over php5ts from own installation. 1 bug remaining in some windows DLL with dependency checker but it doesnt give any problem

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