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    Support Communities research for schoolproject


    I'm a student on the Haagse Hogeschool in The Hague, Holland. I'm in my final year and before I graduate I have to do a big research project. My project is about support communities and I have to do a survey as part of the research. I only need your opinion, so I don't ask any personal data.

    There are 13 questions and most of them are multiple choice.

    I hope you want to help me with this survey.




    Ps. When this survey is against the (forum) rules, please remove this post or let me know. I don't want to violate any rules.

    You can e-mail me for questions:

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    Please feel free to assist with this survey. However please note that although the subject of the survey is DBForums this is not endorsed by DBForums or iNET.

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