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    Unanswered: Unicode use in informix

    I am new to using unicode/multi-language in informix. I cant store and retieve unicode to database. What i see just "??????"...

    I have set my client's and db server as below in order to support unicode:

    Client's setnet:-

    DB Server's setnet:-

    Client locale: de_DE.819
    Database locale: de_DE.819
    Use Server database locale: checked

    And I amm using IBM Informix ODBC driver 3.00 TC1

    Any idea? Please help

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    I don't remember the details.. but..
    Database locale never change... so, your ODBC database locale must be en_US.UTF8

    And need exists a conversion code-set file to this work. To check this you need look in the $INFORMIXDIR/gls/cv* directory . Look for *.cv files.
    Will need to exists the conversion from en_US.UTF8 to de_DE.819 and vice-versa .

    Looking for this conversion code-set on the IDS 11.50 UC1DE , I found the file e01c0333.cvo and 0333e01c.cvo , they are the respective conversion..

    Read the GLS User Manual...
    César Inacio Martins
    Jundiai / SP - Brasil - em Português - English (translated by Google).

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