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    Unanswered: Getting error when creating a new Database

    Hi Guys,

    I am getting problem when creating a new Database in SQL server 2005. All i am tyring to do is creat a new database My clicking in to:-

    1.)Databases -->
    2.) right click on this Databases and then click on the "New databases.."
    3.) giving a database Name as " Ran " and finally clicking the " Ok" butto.

    I am getting the error message:- " CREATE DATABASES permission Denied in database ' master'. ( Microsoft SQL Server, Error : 262) "
    I am using SQL server 2005 Express Edition.

    I have attached the Screenshot of this issue. Any help will be very helpful

    many Thanks
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    The error says it all no? the login you are using does not have the CREATE DATABASE permission. You'll have to talk to your DBA and ask them nicely to give you that permission. Either that or ask them to create the db for you.

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    Thanks Elsa, will do accordingly as u mentioned.


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