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    Unanswered: upload into dbase


    i am new to database software, and i am working with dbase (dBASE PLUS 2.61.5 Educational) for the first time.

    i am trying to import fields from foxpro into dbase, but i am having trouble just manipulating tables and forms. so far, ive been able to create the tables and forms, but i cannot enter data or import anything.

    is there a simple way to import the foxpro files?


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    Convert your foxpro data to a CSV ( comma separated value ) or alternatively convert your foxpro data to an excel file

    Place your headings you want for your dbase data file on the top of each excel column ( Make sure the headings only have one unbroken name and is a maximum of 10 characters wide ( eg CUSTOMER or CHILD_NAME NOT CHILD NAME )

    Now you must select the range of your excel data by highlighting all the cells down & across ( other wise you will get a huge dbase file with the whole spreadsheet range )

    Click save as & select the latest dbase file format that is displayed

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