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    Unanswered: Construct an error message on whos locking the post in Access'97

    Hi guys, new problem with my multi-user db.

    We have multi-user db for approx 200 users simultanly, most times this goes quite well, as i have a large db file with all the tables and a linked file with all the GUIs and Queries thats on the local area on everyones workcomputer.

    Sometimes i get #error messages in two notepad fields thats in the db because two or more different users access and edits the same post at the same time.

    To correct and stop this i introduced the RecordLock setting, which work quite well - locking the post when its edited making it impossible to edit it before the other user has reopened a new post or saved the edits.

    However when two persons tries to edit the same post, they get a "no parking sign" in the left corner - signally it cant be edited, but it doesn't mention who is the other user editing the post, so its practically impossible to know who might be.

    Is there a possibility to get an error message here, "locked by user xxxx or pc number xxxx" ?

    Please give me the whole code if you know of any, as this is not my full occupation job .

    Kind regards

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    An Access 97 database serving 200 users? You're lucky it's still working!

    There is no easy way to do what you want. The only way I know of is to make the form unbound and handle record locking yourself with VBA.
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