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    Unanswered: comparing dates in sql query

    if I say:
    SELECT * FROM ... WHERE IssueDt >= '2007-01-01', it never retrieves values where the IssueDt = 2007-01-01, it only retrieves values greater than. Any ideas why this is so? Is there a way to return queries both equal to and greater than, or would I just have to do something like WHERE IssueDt > '2006-12-31'? thanks!

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    It should work as desired. You should open a PMR with IBM.


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    Could you show us some data and a full example query that exhibits the problem? I suspect you have some sort of user problem, maybe timezone-related or so...

    p.s: It helps to know which DB2 version you are using on which platform.
    Knut Stolze
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