I have a database that is used by several departments of a company. The main users need autonumbers that are consecutive and use a front end that links to a backend on the network.

The sales manager needs all the info that is on the main database but needs additional data on the clients that he only wants his assistant and the receptionist to see or access. in addition, he uses a laptop and needs access to data on and off the network.

about 2 years ago, I set it up so that his copy has an in and out of the office component with the all company tables linked or imported and the sales only tables replicated. When he is in the office, it deletes all the imported tables, and links to those tables on the network. When he leaves the office, it delets all the tables linked tables and imports a copy of them. The replicated tables are not part of this process, he just synchs them when he needs to.

About a month or so ago, it stopped working. It now says that you can not delete objects in a replica. I can not figure out why it suddenly started giving this message and am at my wits end to fix it.

Thanks for any help you can give me.