I have written a procedure in Oracle that returns a set of records after taking two parameters. If I run the procedure from SQL Plus I get a complete list of records as I would expect. When I use the procedure in Crystal Reports XI the first record is missing.

I have tried creating a new basic report in CR using the wizard with no grouping or anything. The first record is still missing.

I have tried reversing the sort order of the records in the procedure. The first record (which is now what the last record was) is still missing and the previously missing record (which is now the last record) is now showing fine.

I have tried loading the procedure on two different servers, and on two different installations of CR on two different machines and I experience the same problem.

I have used procedures with Crystal Reports many times and have never had this happen before. I'm using version I have no clue what to try next or how to get around this problem. I only have the procedure in Crystal Reports and have no other tables linked so it appears that the problem lies somewhere between Oracle handing the cursor to CR and CR reading it, or CR is reading it incorrectly.

I appreciate any help or suggestions you can offer, even long shots.