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    Unanswered: need help converting string of numbers to integer...


    I am trying to combine long integers from a number of fields together but keep the resultant number as an integer. I am not simply adding them but tacking each one on to the next as in the following

    Not = 65 + 78 +83 + 96
    But = 65 & 78 & 83 & 96 (to get 65788396)

    I think what I am getting is a text entry instead of a there a way to convert it...any ideas?

    ok i figured it out since I need some other help - I will post this separately as well. I have a table of numbers now and they are associated with people and I want to create a query like you might find in a travel guide that explains distances between two places and it is the same places in the column and row headings - I can't seem to figure out how you would then subtract one from the other....I mean the values that were assembled previously...
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