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    Thumbs down Unanswered: DB2 Error message while connecting

    SQL30081N A communication error has been detected. Commuincation protocol being used :"TCP/IP".Commuincation API being used: "SOCKETS".
    Communication function detecting the error :"connect".Protocol specific error code(s):"10061","*","*", SQLSTATE=08001.

    can anyone suggest a solution or any idea as to where is the problem...


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    Yes, the explanation of the error message itself. Have a look at the manual or the output of this command:
    $ db2 "? sql30081"
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    Are you connectiong a remote database?
    well, check whether the connection string is correct (ip, port, user name, pwd..)
    and whether the db is working.alos possible firewall....
    I have encountered this problem several times after for example restarting the server or upgrading the db....what seemed to help was restarting the database 2-3 times....i have no logical explanation for that.

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    Adding to the points of Forwla, i would like to add
    Me too experienced the same scenario couple of times.
    As far as i know, these issues got resolved for me by the way of network congestion.
    Due to network issues, i had often received such communication errors.
    I would log in later after some time, and i successfully get logged in to.

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