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    Unanswered: Crosstab - data from one table to another

    I'm not quite sure if this is possible but anyway:

    I currently have a master table of records, which the information is in, this never changes. This table has three columns, one of these is my primary key which is a unique number.

    What im trying to do, is that if I create a new table and I only want selected records to appear, by typing in the primary key, then the rest of the information on that row will also come into the new table aswell. Each of the column names in the two tables, would also be identical.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

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    Create a new table?

    What you sound like you want to do is run an MAKE TABLE query that extracts the records from your master table into a new one.

    SELECT Fieldname1, Fieldname2 INTO tblWHATEVER
    FROM MasterTableName
    WHERE Fieldname1=primarykeyvalue;
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    the above is exactely what i am looking for, but once I try to add a second record to the same table, it deletes the existing table, is there a way to append the records to the same table?

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    Use an append query rather than a make table query.

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