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    The new LatticeFramework Studio Code Generator Released

    Lattice Business Software announced the release of the new LatticeFramework Studio, a model-driven, template-based code generator. LatticeFramework Studio is developed using C# 2.0 and is based on our patent pending software technology, Entity Markup Language (XEML). XEML is a general purpose model language for modeling database and object-oriented application systems, with one specification (Entity Model) you can generate different source files in the area of UI, Business Logic layer, Data Access Layer, database DDL scripts, databae schema reports and entity-relationship diagrams.

    Here is the screenshot:

    Here is the User Guide:

    Here is link to download:

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    The new version of LatticeFramework Studio is released!

    The Enhancement:

    1. Generate Entity-Relationship diagram in PDF format from SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL
    2. Generate database schema reports in word and html format from SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL.
    3. A new Generator Editor allows you to create your own code generator.

    The generated sample code for SQL Server, Oracle and MySQL at following link:

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