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    Unanswered: Where is Tools\Macro\Security in Access 2002

    I have the VBscript that opens an Access database while setting the security level to 1:
    set appAccess=createobject ("Access.Application")
    appAccess.automationsecurity=1 ' set macro security LOW.
    appAccess.OpenCurrentDatabase "TestDB.mdb" ,Exclusive , "Temp"

    The script works in Access 2003, except in some computer with MSAccess 2002 (SP3) version and where the Tools\Macro\Security is not available in menubar. I tried resetting the menubar as some suggested but it doesn't work. So I figured if only the Security can be enabled in the menubar, the script should work. Now, how to do that is my big question and would greatly appreciate any help.


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    AFAIK it was introduced in Access 2003.
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    The whole point of having this security level in Access is to prohibit malicious code from running without your knowledge.

    I figure it would be pretty pointless if that could be bypassed with [malicious] code.
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    Thanks, guys and point taken.

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