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    Unanswered: DB corrupted


    I am using Oracle 9i for my application, which is based on Client - Server. My server is installed as NT service on Windows. Now when my server is running i.e. writing information in DB, and I do restarts of NT service, some tables of DB is getting corrupted. The same thing happens even if I restart my whole machine.

    Is it normal in DBs and how we can guard ourself from this, I mean, should thru DB level or application level.

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    I do restarts of NT service
    Are you shutting down the database prior to stopping the service?

    The same thing happens even if I restart my whole machine
    How are you restarting your whole machine?

    how we can guard ourself from this
    Stop doing it!

    I have never had a problem before, but if you switch off the server or stop the service whilst the database is still open then I'm not really surprised that things aren't working well. Shutdown the database gracefully, then restart the service, then see if it's working OK.
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    >some tables of DB is getting corrupted.
    Using SQL*Plus along with CUT & PASTE, please provide proof of this.
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