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    Red face Unanswered: Need help-urgent


    I have created a stored procedure and when i try to execute it says #abd table not found.

    I have used a select a,b,c,d into #abd table from a select query.It compiled well and during my trials for execution, suddenly it says table not found.

    Sometimes, it refers to other table into which i try to insert the data from #abd into.

    Please help me in this regard..!!Urgent..!!!

    Awaiting for some hrlp asap....!!

    Thanks in advance...

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    It looks like, while writing the SP, you have created the table #abc outside the SP and then compiled the SP, so SP found the #abc being in same session. And it got compiled successfully. Now it is complaining because that table is no more available.
    Does this table gets generated inside SP, before it is specifically getting used ? I doubt, that it is not. If possible send the code snippet.

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