Running Informational tokens are "DB2 v8.1.0.144", "s080111", "U811680", and FixPak "16". On Solaris.

have two db's, both of them are local. trying to create a nickname from one to another.

Created a server using instance id. (can connect to both db's using this id)

Created a User Mapping using app id. (can connect to both db's using this id and select data)

While creating nickname in SecureCRT screen getting the following message:
SQL1101N Remote database "ABCDEF" on node "" could not be accessed with the specified authorization id and password. SQLSTATE=08004

Running the same script in Quest creates a nickname with out any errors.

What am I missing here? Both db's are local. Both id's have ability to access and select data then ony difference is the software that I am using to access the data. But I have used SeureCRRT before to do the same maybe it was on a different database.

Thank you.