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    Unanswered: how do I restore this database with different pagesize table spaces.?

    I have a database mostly with tablespaces of regular size of 4K but I have 2 tables using the tablespaces of size 8k and 16k.

    Now I am trying to restore the database from a backup on to a different machine using the command restore ....

    I get the error 'SQL0298N Bad container path. SQLSTATE=428B2'.

    Can anyone suggest how do I go about restoring this database?

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    Page size must be the same for the restore. You will have to move the tables to a new tablespace after the restore with the desired page size.
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    Are you specifying a new path for your containers? If no, then unless you have the same file structure set up pn a new machine direct restore will not work.

    You would need to run "set tablespace containers for..." after you run a restore command to specify a new path.
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    The SET TABLESPACE CONTAINERS command is applicable for "redirected restore". This has been discussed quite extensively here and elsewhere.
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