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    Red face Unanswered: Question On Creating a Database for a forum :(


    The question I have seems to be a very noobest question... And I hope that it is not as hard as I have been making it...


    The whole point of this SQL Database is to create a forum. I have the template and the server all working.. Except I don't have the database made.

    I have MySQL Server 5.0.

    -I tried going to Instance Configuration Wizard.... But I got something about a user file not being created or not being able to get to...AND... to shut down a firewall if one is! There is no firewall on the server right now... There is a router- but the server is set as DMZ. -

    So the overall question is- how do I create a database for my PHPBB forum?

    Anything else??? Oh- Server is running Windows 2000 Pro


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    this question is probably better asked over here:

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    Moving to MySQL. Agreed with Jesse - contact phpBB. I've installed phpBB on SQL Server not MySQL. Gist is, you create a blank db, launch the default.php page in the /install folder and follow the instructions.

    If you are getting errors you must post the exact message and what happened before the message, what stage you are at etc. "something about a user file not being created or not being able to get to..." is no use to anyone.

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