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    Unanswered: Using Microsoft Access to interact with DB2

    Hi All,

    ENV: DB2 UDB v8.2, AIX 5.2, Client machine (Windows XP)

    I need some help in using Microsoft access to interact with DB2 database for some reporting purposes. I don't have an ODBC driver for DB2. I was in the impression that the DB2 ODBC driver is part of the DB2 client install, it seems thats not the case.

    I am trying to find an ODBC driver for DB2 on IBM's website but couldn't find one for version 8. I can find the IBM DB2 ODBC driver for version 9. Would the driver for version 9 work in my case?


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    Config Assistant

    Hi Ran,

    I think when you add the database using the db2ca (configuration assistant) in one of the tabs it asks you if you wish to register the database for ODBC you can say yes and it will add it as a system dsn. You can also verify the ODBC connection in the last prompt when it asks you to check connectivity to the database. That should resolve your issue.


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    Yea I figured that!!!

    Thanks Nitin

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