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    Unanswered: Error calling sproc


    I'm trying to call a db2 stored procedure using jdbc and keep getting this error, any idea how I can fix this? thanks!

    SQL0464W Procedure "<proc>" returned "<num>" query result sets, which exceeds the defined limit "<integer>".

    Explanation: The stored procedure named by proc completed normally. However, the stored procedure exceeded the defined limit on the number of query result sets the procedure can return.

    identifies the number of query result sets returned by the stored procedure.
    identifies the defined limit on the number of query result sets for the stored procedure.

    Only the first integer query result sets are returned to the SQL program that issued the SQL CALL statement.

    The possible causes are as follows: The stored procedure is unable to return num result sets due to the DRDA limitations imposed by the client. The DRDA client establishes this limit with the MAXRSLCNT DDM code point.

    User Response: The SQL statement is successful. The SQLWARN9 field is set to 'Z'.

    sqlcode: +464

    sqlstate: 0100E

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    This is not an error, it is just a warning.

    To resolve this issue, you should make sure that the procedure doesn't return more result sets than the indicated limit allows. Maybe you simply don't clean up in the procedure, i.e. don't close all cursors that should not be returned as result set?
    Knut Stolze
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