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    Unanswered: Backup Oracle Databases

    hey my company wants to backup oracle databases and we are looking for reliable backup software.

    I found some common backup software but most of them are not capable to backup Oracle. From my research, I got the two in mind:

    Ahsay: It can backup Oracle and MS SQL. Looks cool.
    Novastor: The design looks nice but it does not clearly tell if it can backup Oracle.

    Could anyone share some exp. with me on backup software?

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    RMAN is reliable & is included with the database.
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    DB Zipper

    The tool i use to back up databases is cheap (just 95 $) and works fine, it's called DB Zipper, it supports Firebird, InterBase, MS Access, MS SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, and PostgreSQL.

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    Rman is even cheaper (free) and can do hot or cold backups and restores.
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    Hey Fredatti,

    I think your decision for backup/recovery software should be based on the size of your shop. if u work in a very large shop is i do, with over 120 databases to backup, you'll definitely need a third party tool for not just the backups, but for monitoring. We use BMC SqlBacktrack for Oracle. It's very powerful, but easy to install/deploy. It actually works with RMAN & also has a good GUI feature (BRPM-backup/recovery process monitor) that's superb for monitoring your backups.

    Check for this product.

    Good luck...


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