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    Unanswered: Problems with Oracle Parameter


    I have this parameter

    OracleParameter p1 = new OracleParameter("p1", OracleType.VarChar, 8);
    p1.Direction = ParameterDirection.InputOutput;

    and I have a string ( ex. string val = "ABCD") to add to the parameter

    I use the line :

    p1.Value = val;

    and in the debugger I see that val has the "ABCD" value but p1 has only "AB"

    I tried with strings with different length and it aways passes the first half of the characters ( val.length div 2)

    any ideas what is wrong and how to fix it? I use this line in other code too, and it makes no problems.


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    While somewhere down stream Oracle RDBMS may get involved, this appears to be some sort of generic programming problem (Java?).

    I suggest posting to a different & more appropriate forum.
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