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    Unanswered: Verify Backups

    Hi guys how are you?

    I have a question, lets say I want use the RESTORE VERIFYONLY statement, now I realize this will verify that the backups are readable and can be restored, this will only verify the structure of the backup not the actual data on the pages correct? What if I used CHECKSUM OPTION?

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    If backup checksums are present on the backup media, by default, both the RESTORE and RESTORE VERIFYONLY operations verify the backup checksums and page checksums. If there is no backup checksum, either restore operation proceeds without any verification; this is because without a backup checksum, restore cannot reliably verify page checksums.
    Two options, CHECKSUM and NO_CHECKSUM, allow you to modify how RESTORE and RESTORE VERIFYONLY handle checksum verification, as follows:

      If you explicitly request CHECKSUM for a restore operation and if the backup contains backup checksums, backup checksums and page checksums are both verified, as in the default case. However, if the backup set lacks backup checksums, the restore operation fails with a message indicating that checksums are not present.

      Explicitly disables the default validation of any checksums by the restore operation.
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