We are trying to backup a running database from the command line with an automated process (either batch file or WSH) using dbbackup.exe and Sybase 5.5.05. If the script is run by a user logged into the console itself on a Windows 2003 server, running as a Sybase database server, there are no issues. However, if you use remote desktop, or terminal services to try and run the script, it will not work, saying the database cannot be found. However, if you use dbclient.exe it will. We tried running the process under the SYSTEM account using task scheduler but that did not work either. Any suggestions?

Here is the WSH script:

Dim AShell
Set AShell = WScript.CreateObject ("WScript.shell")
ReturnCode = AShell.run("dbbackup.exe -y -c ""eng=XXX;dbn=XXX;uid=XXX;pwd=XXX"" c:\backup", 1, True)
Set AShell = Nothing