Hello I have set up a p2p replication with a few peers all subscribing(and publishing) to a central peer.

more or less like this image but with a few more peers.

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Our application uses Site1 normally and changes to different peers if we loose IPconnectivity or if site1 or if it some reason goes down.

Now to the question, i know it is possible to move the distribution database from site1("central" peer) to another Drive but is it possible to shut down the replication temporarily and move the distribution DB files to another server and attach them and then redirect publisher to that server without dismantling replication alltogether?

I cannot shutdown operations at all. this rund 24/7 but i can suspend/pause replication for a few hours and i really don't want to dismantle the replication if it's not necessary.

When you create the distribution database you get the question to use another server instead. so can you change this later on? what do I need to think of regarding all peers etc etc. All information regaring this is much appreciated.