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    Unanswered: Importing Data from a form into a table

    I am doing a project in IT and it requires me to import data from a form into a table and i am struggling, any help on what the code should look like?

    The text boxes i have are called-TXTFirstname, TXTSurname, TXTAddy1, TXTAddy2, TXTAddy3, TXTPostcode and TXTContactnumber.


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    DoCmd.RunSQL "insert into tablename (firstname, surname, addy1, postcode) values (" & sqltext(TXTFirstname.Value) & ", " & sqltext(TXTSurname.Value) & ", " & sqltext(TXTAddy1.Value) & ", " & sqltext(TXTpostcode.Value) & ");"

    The sqltext function should convert a string "abc'def" into "'abc' & chr(39) & 'def'", that is, adding a ' to the beginning and the end after substituting ' and other dangerous characters that may be in the string. If you are sure that the textboxes will never contain such characters, you can omit this function.

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    What kind of database are you using? SQL Server? Oracle? PostgreSQL? Access? Other?
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