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    Unanswered: Need to generate football fixtures database

    I am after someone who can help me with a project, don't think it will be too difficult for someone with a bit of savvy, but way to complex for me...

    here is what i need at this stage..

    I need help to correctly design and link up my tables. I entered the info into them as best as i know how.


    We have 2 divisions
    12 teams in division 2
    14 teams in division 2
    Teams sometimes share pitches
    Some dates are reserved for certain game types (example county cup games take priority)

    Can anybody please take a look at my structure and advise me where to go.

    Outcome of finished application is to be:

    generation of fixtures for a whole season for the 2 divisions and the cup games. games are sometimes cancelled so will need to be re generated at the next available date.

    Teams play each other twice a season in the league

    Teams should not play at home twice in the lague on consecutive weeks.

    The biggest problem is the shared pitch issue...obviously ony 1 team can play on a specific pitch each week.

    Cup games take priority on dates chosen for cups.. if team is out of the cup league fixture should be generated

    Extra dates will be fed into the generator later in the season to cater for midweek games.

    Think thats about it...

    Can anybody please help me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chimp8471
    Can anybody please help me.
    sure, what are you having trouble with?

    p.s. i know SQL really well, but i don't do access forms, and i only have access 97, so i can't open your mdb | @rudydotca
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    ive got access 07, ill have a look,

    thought i could help but i dont know enough about access to do or help you with what you want

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    Looks like a good start. I'd work on using the form wizard and design your forms for the tblDivision and tblPitch. After you get done with this, then design the form for your tblTeams. You'll probably want to utilize 2 comboboxes on this form - 1 based on the tblDivision and the other combobox based on the tblPitch (see some of the combobox examples in the code bank or perhaps read the help on comboboxes.) You can also look at the Northwind database (which comes with MSAccess) and get some good tips there.

    I can possibly foresee a tblGames table where you have a TeamID1 and TeamID2 (and possibly the PitchID's) and the dates (or DateID) versus (or in conjunction with) the tblDates table as I'm not quite sure how your tblDates is going to fit into the picture but another upload after you get more developed will help clarify that.

    Also, I'm not sure if you plan on tracking when a PitchID gets traded from one team to another but it's something you may or may not want to consider. The way you have it set up now though, you could easily change a PitchID in the tblTeams table for trading purposes. Not quite sure what you mean by a shared Pitch though. You'll need to clarify this more for me to help as I don't have a lot of knowledge on how this works. Maybe the tblGames would work with the PitchID's. Otherwise, if teams share PitchID's, you could either have a PitchID1 and PitchID2, etc in the tblTeams or you could go 1 step further in making another relational table for PitchID's to tblTeams (ie. another relational table (ie. tblTeamPitchers) which has TeamID and PitchID in it.)

    Again though, try and develop some more and then upload it as someone like me who isn't experienced with how this all works, I can't really say if it's set up exactly like it's supposed to work. Maybe someone who's more experienced with the concepts of the project can help you more. From a design concept without the background knowledge of the project, it looks like your going in the right direction.

    And honestly, I only looked at it quickly. I would need a little more time reading your requirements to give you a more accurate diagnoses if you're on the right track. I apologize but I just can't do that now. Again, maybe someone else here can give you a better diagnoses.
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