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    Question Unanswered: DB2 Schema

    Dear Techies ,

    I have created own database in DB2 , and i have imported my DB Scripts ,

    while accessing the table called name , the schema is like that taking (default system username), as per my requirement, like this it
    should be , So how to change the schema of the whole database (not one table) ....

    plz help me ,

    Thanks in advance ..


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    The RENAME statement doesn't help you, so you may have a chance to use the ALTER_OBJ procedure. Other than that, you could work-around this issue with aliases, or you have to re-create all objects.

    p.s: In standard SQL (and also DB2), all table names are comprised of a qualifier - the schema name - and an unqualified table name. It seems that you ignored that during table creation. My recommendation is usually to always fully qualify all database objects when using them (except built-in functions) to avoid such problems.
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    Put the following in front of your sql script used to create the schema:

    set schema db2;
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