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    Unanswered: Alternate for recursive sql

    Hi all,
    I am presently using Recursvive sql to solve hierarchy problem, is there any option other than recursive sql that you are aware of. If so can you please help me out here

    Thank you all in advance.

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    I think that recursive query is a simple, straightforward, and general way to solve the hierarchy problems.
    (Other persons may have another opinions.)

    AFAIK, you can use self outer joins for each level of hierarchy, if the expected upper limit of level of hierarchy was fixed(or known).
    Another way would be using multiple nested table expressions. But, it would be essentially equivalent to using self outer joins.
    I remember the way of IMS(hierarchical DBMS)
    which is to define logical DBD to connect parent and child then to define PCB including up to 15 levels of descendant,
    or the way of Network DBMS which need to navigate hierarchy in applications.

    By the way, you miay know that DB2 V9.5 supports CONNECT BY syntax for recursive query by setting the DB2 registry variable, additional to CTE syntax.
    I don't know the detail of the syntax, because I only saw the Serge Rielau's article briefly.
    DB2 Viper 2 compatibility features
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    Another option besides recursive SQL would be to use SQL control statements, for example LOOP ... END LOOP and then put your processing logic inside the loop.
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    Thank you so much guys

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    another option is joe celko's nested set model

    you need to replace parent_id with lft and rgt columns | @rudydotca
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