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    Unanswered: Evaluating variable expressions using SQL


    Is there any way to substitute a value in an expression returned by the db? For example :

    I have an 'Expression' table of expressions like this:

    expressionid, expressionvalue
    1, '((x - 2) * 170.46) '
    2, '((360 * x) / 10)'
    3, '(x * 353)' and so on...

    I also have a 'SiteExpression' table with a siteid, expressionid mapping :

    siteid, expressionid
    1000, 2
    1001, 1
    1004, 3

    Now, I need to create a stored procedure.. that has the siteid as a parameter.. based on the siteid, I get the value 'x' from another table and I also get the expression id corresponding to the siteid.

    So I have 'x' and I have the expression, let's say '((360 * x) / 10)'

    Is there any function I can use to evaluate this expression? Or any other way? I cannot hard code the expression since the expression that I need to evaluate depends on the siteid passed in as a parameter.

    Thanks in advance!

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    You can take the expressions as string, replace "x" with your siteid (using REPLACE function, for example), then prepend the VALUES keyword and finally execute this statement as dynamic SQL. The VALUES returns a table with 1 row and 1 column, consisting of the expression result.
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    thanks..will try it out!

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