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    Unanswered: Access 2003, generating ID codes -autonumber?

    how do I generate product codes that automatically detects the current year and can do auto-letters? specifically:

    (YY)-(#####)-(A) : where YY is the last two digits of the current year, ##### is an autonumber that starts from 00001. Oh, and I can't seem to make it display zeroes before an integer. ...and A is an ...uhm "auto letter" that starts from letter A and ends with Z

    Is it possible for access to generate it automatically whenever I add a new entry? I'm manually inputting every code at the moment.

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    Access can certainly do it... It's probably best to calculate it though. Just using an Autonumber and a Date/Time field for the date... you could use an expression to generate it.

    =Format(DateField,"yy") & Format(AutonumberField, "00000") & "A"

    Not quite sure about the autoletter thing though :/

    Why do you need the "autoletter"?
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    Thanks for the help, give me a while to figure out how to use expressions and I'll let you know how it went. =D

    The letters are for a different code, I just added the question here. It works as a variant code; Type A, Type B, etc. It helps us keep track of variations. -and yes, its a laziness kind of thing. LOL

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    Thanks again.

    anyway, I learned that pasting this in the format for autonumber also works when adding zeroes before an interger:


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