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    Unanswered: Oracle vs SAP BW

    Hi guys,

    Hope I've got the forum for bringing this up. I've recently been asked to do a comparison between Oracle and SAP BW, for the purpose of a datawarehouse/datamart. Googled that up, but can't seem to find much whitepapers on this (or more recent ones).

    I haven't got that much experience in either tools/platform, but what I noted to myself:
    - BW is 'easier', in the sense that its point, click, check box etc. Oracle requires more programming (eg table/schema building)
    - In Oracle, what you see is what you get. Create 10 tables, you get 10 tables (excluding any system tables). In BW, there's definitely more than 10 created in the background
    - BW processing engine not as powerful as Oracle(?)
    - BW requires significantly more powerful machines than Oracle, in processing the same data and achieving the same result

    Appreciate any feedback/information you have.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Thumbs down SAP BW vs Oracle

    SAP BW is the central component in the SAP suite of applications and requires an rdbms (Oracle?) as database.

    There is no point in comparing it to Oracle's set of applications for building Data Warehouse.
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