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    Unanswered: using forms..

    i am new to access and very new to forms.. i have a table with 5 priamry keys.. i need to build a form where i use combo boxes to choose all the 5 keys.. after which the whole record can be seen..
    also in a separate form if 4 keys are provided then all the related records are shown..
    how to build these two?? do i require VBA as a must??


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    I would think you would most definitely need VBA and probably use some type of form/subform combination. On the subform part the user would choose the from the 5 combo boxes and then the record would display on the main form. The VBA would be used to requery the main form after the 5 combos have been selected.

    This is just a quick and dirty way it could be done.

    Good luck, Stu
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