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    Unanswered: Capture activity on a single table


    UDB V8 Fixpack 14 EEE
    OS : AIX

    We have a buisness requirement to track all activity on a particular table. All selects , inserts,updates and deletes should be captured with userid , timestamp when they have executed and sql user used . After collection we should generate monthly reports on all activites on that table for auditiing purposes.

    I have done researsh on db2aduit facility & query patroller both are not suitable for this situation as it does on whole database which will add a overhead, Also tried to use a triggers it only captures DML activities. Is there are any other ways , any suggestions will be appreciated.


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    I do not know if this will work, but you could try this:

    1) use the triggers to log the DML
    2) create a stored procedure to log read events
    3) create a table UDF that calls the SP and returns the table rows
    4) create a view on the UDF
    5) revoke select access on the table


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