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    new to this forum...
    i have an access DB for my shop its a get paid for the weight, the problem i face is the weights are paid on a per pound value and this value changes annually, every time i update my DB with this value it changes the same for even the ones in Archives which is the problem i am addressing , can some one provide me a solution to this.,,i need 2 update my values such that the old archives are not affected by the change

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    Welcome to the site. It would help to know your table structure. I'm guessing you have a "rate" table and a "transactions" table, and that the transactions table does not store the rate; queries look it up in the rate table.

    Depending on how volatile the rates are, I see 2 solutions. One would be to add a field for the rate used in the transaction table, so changes to the rate table don't affect it. The other would be to store the rates with effective dates, so queries of the transaction table can join in the rate table and get the rate applicable to the transaction date. The more volatile the rates, the more I lean towards the first solution.

    By the way, in the future, a more descriptive thread title can assist later users when they search for answers.

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