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    I Have a xml file and I want to read it and import to mysql the values of xml file.
    It is good to use a xml parser (and what may be better) or just to uses the libraries of jdk?
    The records of xml file is about 55000 as I know.

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    You'd want to use an event-based parser that conforms to the SAX protocol. As I recall it is included at least with JDK 1.5.

    DOM parsers are easier to use, but they load the whole document into memory which you don't really need to do. All you care about is when the appropriate tags are encountered.

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    you can use xpath expression with jaxen library (i thing there is another one from apache called xpath as well) and then you can query the tags instead of implementing your own reading, i think it would be faster.

    Hope it helps

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