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    Unanswered: Integration Services

    I am creating SSIS package for the first time, and I am transfering data from AdventureWorks Database to a text file.

    On the Data Flow Task Tab of the project, I got this error:
    The Input Column "DepartmentID(265) has an Unsupported datatype. It must be DT_STR,DT_WSTR,DT_TEXT or DT_NTEXT.

    What must I do to solve this problem. Thanks for the anticipated solution.

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    Which table in the AdventureWorks database are you trying to export data from? If it's the HumanResources.Department table, the DepartmentID column has a smallint data type. That equates to a two-byte signed integer (DT_12) Integration Services data type.
    When you set up your Flat File Destination, the data type should automatically be correctly mapped. If not, use the 'Suggest Types' button or enter the data type manually.


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