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    Unanswered: Export using DTS to Excel picking up header formatting

    I am trying to use DTS to export multiple tables to worksheets in the same workbook. The worksheets all contain a header row with the column titles. I thought the data would just be inserted on the next row under the header, which it is but it is formatted the same as the header row. The header row is bold, larger font and has a different height. All of these attributes on contained in each row inserted. I delete the rows inserted and the row size goes back to the way it should be. Can someone tell me how to insert the data properly?

    Appreciate the help!

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    Now that's where I draw a line. I am all for SQL being used as an exporting engine, but by no means it should be used as a font-formatting engine. To properly format the resulting exported files you should use Excel macro (VBA modules), that are designed to handle tasks like this one.
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