I am using ASE 12.5 as database . I am using Data Integrator as third party tool for loading data from sql server to sybase ASE server. Both the servers, ASE and sql server are on different machines. When i tryed to execute the job in D.I., it gives the connection error as:

"Sybase connection error: Cannot find NT Sybase SQL Server DLL <LIBCS.DLL>. Please make sure that Sybase has been installed and the PATH variable points to the correct DLL directories."

I am using client version from my machine. But I can ping to the database using dsedit utility successfully. Also i can connect to database using sql advantage.

There is no facility on D.I. to test the connection with database.

Can any one help me on this problem?
is it the problem of sybase dll files or third party application?

Waiting for the reply